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Our history

AmaHorse is a leading company in the production and distribution of clothing and accessories in the equestrian field.

Founded in 1991 as Umbria Equitazione by Riccardo Volpi, in a very short time it has become the benchmark for Italian and international riders.

In May 2018 with the acquisition of Acavallo srl, a highly innovative Italian company in the production of technical accessories for horse riding, Umbria Equitazione became AmaHorse Trading srl: the first Italian company able to cover the entire production and distribution chain in the equestrian sector.

The team is made up of professionals, designers and ex-riders who have transformed their passion for horse riding into the desire to create high-level Made in Italy style products. With an eye always attentive to the research for new materials and new needs to satisfy, the goal is to create high-performance products that meet the specific needs of the horse and rider. This continuous and careful study of the equestrian sector allows us to import the most avant-garde products from the international market and, at the same time, our Italian laboratories produce traditional handmade equestrian products.

Our work and passion have made it possible to register 10 brands, more than 50 patents and export our products to more than 40 countries.

AmaHorse sponsors some of the most important equestrian centres in Italy such as Horses Sporting Club Le Lame in Montefalco, Arezzo Equestrian Centre and Horses Riviera Resort in Cattolica, where the FEI European youth dressage championships have taken place. In each equestrian center there is one of our boutiques with the Acavallo and Equestro collections.

Coming soon

At the moment our 5000 m² warehouse allows us to stock a wide assortment of goods, so that we can meet the needs of our customers very quickly, managing to ship in Italy and abroad within 24/48 hours. However, with the acquisition of Acavallo, and thanks to our constant growth, we are planning to build a new building, which will allow us to further improve the efficiency and speed of order management. The new warehouse will allow us to promote a greater availability of products that will be available to our customers, who are located in more than 50 countries around the world



Fonte Abeti Breeding Centre

The founding of the Fonte Abeti breeding centre took place in 2009 thanks to Riccardo Volpi's deep passion for dressage horses and through the purchase of some mares selected by the Dutch Spekenbrink breeding centre, one of the most important for horses in this discipline, which boasts 21 approved stallions including Rubels, World Champion "Young Horses" 2001 and 2002.

Contact with nature and the certainty of a management based on Classic Horsemanship, allows our horses to grow with an excellent psychophysical balance so as to become beautiful, strong and serene specimens. We cross German mares of the best genealogical Dressage lines, with more modern Dutch and Danish stallions, to achieve beautiful morphology and elegant gaits. In this way we obtain strong sports horses and, at the same time, highly appreciated for their beauty.

The stallions selected for breeding come from the best breeding farms of dressage horses in the world: Van Olst, Helgstrad Dressage, Blue Hors. Our mares are also sporting mares that have won throughout their careers and on which embryo transfer and Ovum Pick Up-ICSI techniques are practiced. We try to enhance each young breeding horse based on its qualities: training, auctions or stallion reviews. We collaborate with the best trainers and riders from all over the world, such as Ulf and Eva Möller, Juan Matute Guimon and the Van Olst breeding professionals.

The Fonte Abeti breeding centre is the testing place for all AmaHorse products: riders and grooms all use our items before they are launched onto the market, with the aim of producing garments and accessories that reflect the real needs of who those deal daily with horse riding.



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